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Tennis Feeder


Tennis Feeder


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Tennis ProServer 

NEW NEW NEW!!!! The XK Tennis ProServer Feeder is Here!

The Future of Tennis Ball Machines is Here!!! XK Sports developers  searched far and wide for the best characteristics of a Tennis serving machine for your game and we have developed, tested and produced the *NEW* XK Tennis ProServer Feeder.

What makes this the BEST ball machine for your game? The simple answer is Pace AND Placement. The ProServer can serve at speeds up to an extremely challenging 125 MPH. And the ProServer can serve over and over to one corner. Or the ProServer can be set to pinpoint serves from corner to corner in one service box to simulate returning game-like tennis serves. Also the ProServer can serve from side to side in both boxes for 2 players or 2 lines of players to return serve.

Like all XK Feeders the ProServer is also generously engineered with many more features than products in the HIGHEST price range. The ProServer hits all kinds of serves, including flat, slice, or kick serves with topspin, as well as serves all across and up and down through the service box.

This is the most versatile, game-like server ever developed. And it's less than half the price of the next closest offering in the market. What else? Supreme accuracy, spin deliveries, maximum durability, easy portability, extreme durability with its solid, stable stand, and operated simply by touching its feature buttons on the high tech long-distance controlled remote.

Quickly set up the ProServer and then access the huge capacity ball basket to get loads of return of serve reps and build rock-hard confidence in your all-important return game.

Raise or lower telescopic stand to set high and low service height.

9 Remote functions including speed, frequency of feed, ball placement, and spin are controlled at distances up to over 100 yards away.

Try it out yourself and get the EDGE on your competition. If you normally struggle with your service returns, order a XK Tennis ProServer to
beef up your return game and turn your weakness into a major strengt.

Backed up by customer and service support. 1-year parts & labor guarantee and extended warranty thereafter for $40/yr.

The ProServer is proudly sold and serviced in USA!

**Please Note: This ball Feeder is shipped from and serviced in Houston Texas by trained technicians.
Please call with any questions or to make an order by phone, 855-957-7778!

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Tennis Rebounder

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XK Tennis Rebounder® - tennis anytime anywhere.

•    Launch of NEW XK Tennis Rebounder!!! - 1st of its kind rebound net allows you to practice any groundstrokes, serves or volleys and return them to keep a good rally going!

―> Flexibility - Practice tennis wherever you and Rebounder are. Easily set up the Rebounder and play tennis even without a court.

•   Who could use Rebounder? - Competitive players to beginners and anyone wanting a good workout can use the Rebounder to train and exercise, and instructors can watch or join in and rally with their  student and teach them how to improve both their strokes and footwork in very close proximity training.

•   Great intro to tennis - If you have never even held a racket, practice basic stroke moves using the Rebounder and you can master stroking a tennis ball through repetition and seeing how the rebounder responds to your shots.

―> Feedback Immediate - Receive feedback on stroke form, ball control and accuracy by how the ball rebounds off Rebounder, while most any rebound will allow a rally to keep going.

•   All levels of play - From Pro (tempo building reps) to beginner (basic skills developer), groove your tennis strokes skills.

•   Fitness - Enjoy low impact exercise stroking tennis balls at your own pace.

•   Only 3 Things Needed: Racket, tennis ball and easy to set up Rebounder

•   Major repetition advantage - Stroke ball and as it rebounds off and bounces or pops up (you pick); move to position, prepare and execute groundstroke or volley over and over and over again and again.

•   Versatility - Learn and train stroking skills and get a Great Rebounder Workout at home or wherever you have enough room for a ping pong table, or place one or more Rebounders in your Tennis club, fitness or recreation center, college, high school or middle school.

•  Develop good habits - By practicing and seeing how your shots rebound, learn good footwork and stroke technique habits for strokes, volleys and serves.

•   Game-like training - Train stroking technique  by practicing stroking with great pace, touch or spin, as well as train accurate shot making.

―> A Must: Movement Skills - As balls rebound, respond with your feet and develop tight prep, stroke and recovery footwork, while enhancing your physical endurance.

•   Stroke variety - Repeat one stroke or alternate forehand and backhand strokes or volleys.

•   Midair contact skills - Volley or stroke ball into Rebounder and, as ball caroms off, volley ball or swing volley ball in midair rally or simulate a net play rally.

•   Serving - Toss ball up and serve into Rebounder and follow-up with volley or groundstroke rally.

•   Time Saving Training - More strokes in far less time ... Keep stroke form sharp or build new form muscle memories or warm up to play in the shortest amount of time by stroking many more balls than possible in an equivalent on-court session.

•   Ages of play - The Rebounder is suitable for players ages 3-90.

•   Where - Wherever < 6 square yards of open space are available.

•   Easy to setup - Set up Rebounder in matter of minutes and start training.

•   Contact height - Easily adjust how high or low ball bounces to practice performing strokes at varying contact heights.

•   Rally speed changes - Adjust net angle to return balls moving faster to test faster reaction time or set net to return slower moving balls to train complete form to get into position, prepare and stroke ball.

•   Drill specific shots - Drill Down the Lines, Crosscourts and Drop shots and rally by responding to rebounding ball.

•  Training Types - one-player repeating strokes; pair of players rallying; or line of players moving through and taking turns.

•   Fun - Play with Rebound tennis practice net and enjoy both its great entertainment and stress relief value.

•   Assembly - Very simple. Framed net easily mounts on 2 crossbars and double stands with screws that easily tighten and set frame at its special slanted angle. Let’s play!



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