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XK® SPORTS Racquetball Feeder® - ONE-OF-A-KIND, light, mobile remote controlled racquetball serving machine


1. Feeder® serves up:

    -ACCURATE ball or multiple balls;

    -CHALLENGING one-ball practice; or..

    -REPETITIVE practice or exercise, with multiple balls;

    -PRACTICE raises your game as high as you aspire;

    -MUSCLE MEMORY building for precision shotmaking;

    -PRO Shots like they're coming off Pro's racquet; -READY?

    - Opponent ALWAYS ready to play!

2. Remotely Controlled to vary speed, height, angle side-to-side, and even spin.

3. Feeder® *Randomly* serve:

    -Unpredictable patterns;

    -Simulates live, highly challenging game;

    -Requires responding decisions and movements;

    -Device-chosen changing pattern moves shots all about court;

    -Random pattern changes every 30-seconds.

4. Fast to slow - Feeder® Launches balls at varying speeds:

    -Adjustable fast to slow from 150 to 140.. down to 30 km/hr.

5. Feeder® serves up direction challenges side-to-side or low-to-high:

    -Left, right or straight (horizontal) up to 150 degrees of arc;

    -Up and down (vertical) in a highest in industry range of 80 degrees of arc;

    -*unique* extendable legs point either even further up or more down to serve higher or lower than remote settings.

6. Set ball spin to top, under or no spin at all.

7. Set pattern and then field ball;

    -Set pattern of speed and angle; or..

    -Set combined pattern (speed, angle AND spin).

8. Frequency or interval between balls of 2-4 seconds

    -Your *New* settling allows you to get ready after 3 second delay.

9. Dual power supply, DC (battery) 12V or AC 110V-240V

    -Convenient for either indoor or outdoor racquetball court training -Internal battery

    - battery power warning display and working life: 3/4 hr.

10. Suitcase rollers allow easy maneuvering, with extendable luggage handle, and light enough to easily lift and place in your car.

11. ALL LEVELS OF PLAY -Training "tool" suitable for Junior to Professional level players.

12. Feeder® holds up to 20 balls, with suggestion:

    -"Sweep" loose balls away from you between served balls or..

    -Pick up loose balls and put back um back in Racquetball Feeder®;

    -Avoid stepping on the ball!

13. Feeder® protected by over-currency protection.

14. Remotely controlled, with LCD display easy to use and easy to learn how to use.


* Functions on Remote Control include:

    1) ball speed;

    2) frequency (of feed);

    3) play/pause;

    4) flat ball (straight ball);

    5) horizontal (side-to-side);

    6) vertical (lob);

    7) random (random series of challenging shots)

    8) top spin (over spin);

    9) under spin (back spin);

    10) forehand and backhand midline balls (3 side-to-side variations on one side of court)


Racquetball Feeder

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Racquetball Rebounder

XK SPORTS® Racquetbal Rebounder® - Racquetball Anytime Anywhere!


•    Launch of NEW XK Racquetball Rebounder!!! - 1st of its kind rebound net allows you to practice any groundstrokes, serves or volleys and return them to keep a good rally going!

―Flexibility - Practice Racquetball wherever you and Rebounder are. Easily set up the Rebounder and play even without a court.

•   Who could use Rebounder? - Competitive players to beginners and anyone wanting a good workout can use the Rebounder to train and exercise, and instructors can watch or join in and rally with their  student and teach them how to improve both their strokes and footwork in very close proximity training.

•   Great intro to Racquetball - If you have never even held a racket, practice basic stroke moves using the Rebounder and you can master stroking a racquetball through repetition and seeing how the rebounder responds to your shots.

― Feedback Immediate - Receive feedback on stroke form, ball control and accuracy by how the ball rebounds off Rebounder, while most any rebound will allow a rally to keep going.

•   All levels of play - From Pro (tempo building reps) to beginner (basic skills developer), groove your  stroke skills.

•   Fitness - Enjoy low impact exercise stroking tennis balls at your own pace.

•   Only 3 Things Needed:  a Racquet,  a ball and an easy set-up Rebounder

•   Major repetition advantage - Stroke ball and as it rebounds off and bounces or pops up (you pick); move to position, prepare and execute groundstroke or volley over and over and over again and again.

•   Versatility - Learn and train stroking skills and get a Great Rebounder Workout at home or any where with a small space. 

•  Develop good habits - By practicing and seeing how your shots rebound, learn good footwork and stroke technique habits for strokes, volleys and serves.

•   Game-like training - Train stroking technique  by practicing stroking with great pace, touch or spin, as well as train accurate shot making.

― A Must: Movement Skills - As balls rebound, respond with your feet and develop tight prep, stroke and recovery footwork, while enhancing your physical endurance.

•   Stroke variety - Repeat one stroke or alternate forehand and backhand strokes or volleys.

•   Serving - Toss ball up and serve into Rebounder and follow-up with volley or groundstroke rally.

•   Time Saving Training - More strokes in far less time ... Keep stroke form sharp or build new form muscle memories or warm up to play in the shortest amount of time by stroking many more balls than possible in an equivalent on-court session.

•   Ages of play - The Rebounder is suitable for players ages 3-90.

•   Where - Wherever < 6 square yards of open space are available.

•   Easy to setup - Set up Rebounder in matter of minutes and start training.

•   Contact height - Easily adjust how high or low ball bounces to practice performing strokes at varying contact heights.

•   Rally speed changes - Adjust net angle to return balls moving faster to test faster reaction time or set net to return slower moving balls to train complete form to get into position, prepare and stroke ball.

•   Drill specific shots - Drill Down the Lines, Crosscourts and Drop shots and rally by responding to rebounding ball.

•  Training Types - one-player repeating strokes; pair of players rallying; or line of players moving through and taking turns.

•   Assembly - Very simple. Framed net easily mounts on 2 crossbars and double stands with screws that easily tighten and set frame at its special slanted angle. Let’s play!


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